Unique Wording Ideas, Verses and Sayings for Bridal Shower Invitations and Wedding Invitations Cards

Published: 10th March 2008
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Bridal Shower Invitations Wording Ideas, Wedding Announcements Wording Verses and Sayings for Wedding Invitations Cards

For all of the invitations and that are sent out for weddings, the wording is perhaps the most important. The wording for these pieces of stationery will set the tone for the event and give guests a good idea as to what to expect. The most important pieces of stationery that are sent out need the best wording and this means paying particular attention to bridal shower invitations wording, wedding announcements wording, wedding shower invitations wording, and marriage announcements wedding. Bridal shower invitations wordings, verses and sayings can be kept very fun and light, especially if the event is going to be a casual affair, such as a lingerie bridal shower.

Traditional bridal shower invitation wording could say, "Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of the bride-to-be, Elizabeth Clark," and follow with the details of the shower. Bridal showers can also be casual. For instance, a lingerie bridal shower wording could say, "Elizabeth is about to walk down the aisle; Let's shower her with silk and lace that will make the groom smile." However formal the event, the bridal shower invitations wording needs to be focusing attention on the bride and the theme of the event.

Events such as bridal showers also require thank you cards. Bridal shower thank you card wording should also keep within the theme of the event. If the shower was formal, with formal invitations and perhaps catering, the bridal shower thank you card wording should reflect that. The bride can generally write whatever she wishes on the inside of the card but the bridal shower thank you card wording that's printed on the front of the card should say something such as, "I am filled with gratitude for your presence at my bridal shower." For something more casual such as a lingerie bridal shower, the bridal shower thank you card wording could say, "Thanks for coming to my shower; I'm thrilled that you were there! To start my marriage off right, thanks for the underwear!"

Wedding announcements wording, elopement announcements wording, and engagement announcements wording will all be fairly alike. These announcements are simply to tell people that you have wed, or that you will be wed. Elopement announcement wording can be much like wedding announcement wording and does not necessarily need to include the fact that you have eloped. Something such as, "Ms. Elizabeth Clark and Richard Dayton were married on June 30, 2007" would be appropriate.

Rehearsal dinner invitation wording can be a little bit tricky as many of the guests may not be sure what to expect from the rehearsal dinner. For a formal ceremony, the rehearsal dinner usually means rehearsing the ceremony, with dinner to follow. This rehearsal dinner invitation wording could say, "We request your presence at the rehearsal dinner on June 29th, to rehearse the ceremony with a delicious meal to follow." For a casual wedding there may be no actual rehearsal required so this rehearsal dinner invitation wording could say, "Let's sit down to eat together before the stress of the big day!"

Whatever stationery you are sending out, the wording is very important. Online retailers and wedding planners can help with unique bridal shower wording ideas, wedding announcements wording verses and sayings for bridal shower invitations that will be perfect for any piece of wedding mail you are sending out.

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